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LinkedIn Groups for Podcasters

Mike Bivens
5 min readMay 19, 2021

In my previous post I searched through dozens of Facebook groups to categorize some of the largest and most helpful for podcasters looking for help. support, and community. I thought it would be a good follow-up article to look at LinkedIn and highlight some of the groups available there.

I’ll be largely ignoring the groups dedicated to a specific podcast, unless they are heavily focused on being spaces to help fellow podcasters. These groups talked about below are places of community for podcasters to brainstorm ideas and solutions with, discuss industry news and trends, as well as coordinate guest exchanges.

You’ll find the name of each group links back to their landing page, how many members they have, and the bio. All of these groups are ‘listed groups’, those that can be found with a search on LinkedIn and are visible on profiles.

General Community Groups

Radio & Podcast Professionals
10K members
This group is dedicated to Radio & Podcast Professionals worldwide

Podcast Place by IgluRadio
1K members
Podcast Place serves as a central space to share information and initiate discussion among new and experienced podcast hosts and radio/broadcast professionals.

Podcast & New Media Knowledge Base
419 members
Podcasting and New Media are some of the strongest tools your small business can and should have available in your skill set tool belt. Find out great, new ways to grow your company or organization’s digital footprint with Mike Wilkerson from 2GuysTalking.Com now!

The Podcast Club
72 members
This group is focused on discussions, insights and behind the scene sharing from the women’s leadership podcast Women Speak with host Aneta Savova

The Podcast Group
31 members
If you have or host a podcast, Join this group and introduce yourself, and tell us what your podcast is about. This is a great place to get to know fellow pod caster’s and share hints, tips and information about pod casting.

Network Groups

Canadian Podcast Network
45 members
Canada and the world has many challenges ahead: ecological, social, democratic, and the list goes on. Independent, public-interest podcasts are more important than ever to unearth facts and spark the conversations we need to have. The Canadian Podcast Network will be that collective voice! Canada now has the opportunity to have an independent, free range, and organic media platform and we hope you like the idea.

Canadian Podcasters and Podcast Professionals
23 members
Welcome to the Canadian Podcaster & Podcast Professional community. From the podcast hobbyist, to production professionals, this group was designed with the intention of furthering the development of podcasts here in Canada.

Independent Podcast Alliance
36 members
Bringing Independent Podcast creators together for mutual benefit. Providing access to Promotion, Audience Development Services, Advertising and Sponsorships, Invitations to events, guest booking assistance and more to be announced.

JoinUp Podcast Network
24 members
The purpose of JoinUp is to connect podcast veterans with rookies. We are a network designed to solve the problem of having to “go find someone” and enable creatives to create.

Specialty Groups

Podcast Producers
737 members
Group that discusses audio and video podcasting. Share tips, strategies, monetization methods, and promotion via social media and the Web.

Podcast Host Network
60 members
We are a network of podcast hosts from all over the world that come together to answer questions, celebrate wins, and share resources within the community.

Podcast Editors Club
297 members
The Podcaster Editors Club is a place for indie and professional podcast editors to share tips, ideas, solutions, and get help with editing podcasts for their clients.

Voice Over Marketing Podcast
305 members
The Voiceover Marketing Podcast is dedicated to teaching in-depth and advanced marketing, business and personal productivity strategies for people in the voice over and audio production professions. Our goal is to help you make more money in your voice-over business by showing you ways to leverage your time, make more money, achieve peak performance, both physically and mentally to allow you to live the life of your dreams.

Content Marketing Professionals: Content Marketing, Inbound, B2B, B2C, Blog, Video, Podcast…
57 members
Content Marketing Professionals: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, B2B, B2C, Blog, Video, Podcast…

Guest Collaboration

Podcast Guest Exchange 2021
1K members
The largest group of successful podcasters, podcast guests, podcast audience members with 1300+ members and growing!

Get Paid to Podcast
831 members
If you have a podcast and want to get paid to interview high quality pre-screened guests then this is the LinkedIn group for you. We have a large influx of guests that want to be interviewed across a wide variety of niches so no matter what your show is about we’ll have someone for you and if not, just ask and we will source them for you.

Podcast Guest Playbook
314 members
Are you a respected mind in your field? Amping up or renovating your company’s marketing strategy? Curious about podcast interviews and whether they can work for you? Already appearing on podcasts and want to level up? Want to sell more books or get on more shows?

Podcast Guest Success Strategies
63 members
This group is for ‘business people’ wondering what the heck the BUZZ is about and how to make the most of this free advertising medium: podcasts.

Discovery & Promotion

Network and Promote your podcast
34 members
Promote your podcast episodes and network with other podcasters.

Bonus Groups!

Podcast Jobs
31 members
To help people find podcast jobs and to help employers find podcast talent.

First Act Podcast: Music and Entertainment Business Networking for Students
76 members
Welcome! We created this group to keep you up to date on our networking events and job opportunities.

Small Business Network by Entrepreneurs HQ: Digital Marketing Coaching Social Media SEO Startup Jobs
239K members
Network for the entrepreneur, founder & small business owner. Entrepreneurs who startup, grow, manage an SMB & SME. Meet coaches, consultants, thought leaders, authors, marketing agency owners, info product & online course creators, podcasters, speakers, event hosts, summit organizers and startups.

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